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Base Version

  • Great load carrying capability ( the driver and up to six passengers or a maximum payload of 500 kg), and wide space for transported persons and material accommodation;
  • Easy road transfer to reach operative areas by means of a dedicated trailer, by which it may easily be launched an recovered;
  • Efficient power management with an exclusive design of internal air flows minimizing head losses;
  • Reliable and powerful motorization with a built-in duty cycle constraint allowing only 78% of engine maximum power rating to be delivered to fan, allowing safe continuous operation at maximum design performances;
  • cushion containment, with about 0.3 m lift height to cope with rough terrains, and a great attitude stability, to cope with payload offset or displacement of on board crew;
  • noise generation allowed by a large diameter fan;
  • amount of standard and optional equipment passenger/crew accommodation, vehicle status monitoring, navigation and communication.

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