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Pisogne 2008

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On the Iseo lake, The class "Alfeo" rescue hovercraft was engaged into a maxi-emergency simulation where several ambulances, firetrucks, boats and waterjets was involved.
The hovercraft team was launched from an helicopter to save people in the middle of the lake, while the hovercraft pilot was coming on the emergency place.
Later, several victims was found and saved into a mud area, where common boats was stopped.

Thanks to the organization, the Pisogne city community civil protection PROCIVIL Camunia (Brescia), who perfectly care all details.
That experience was very useful to understand the hovercraft concept and, for our team, to improve some technical details of the craft.

Special thanks to:

  • Mr. Alberto Manella, Rescue diver
  • Mr. Duilio Zatti, Rescue diver

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