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Varese 08

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On sept.25, the hovercraft team was engaged on the surveillance of the Lake of Varese, during the bikes world championship 2008.
A complete team composed by 1 pilot, 2 water rescuers, 1 doctor and 1 paramedic was placed in the city of Bodio Lomnago, covering all the lake area. In the meantime, some other rescue protocols (equipments, communication systems etc...) was discussed and approved by the team.
The winner was the German Bert Grabsch, capable of completing the 43.7 kilometer route - all pretty flat - at an average of over 50 kilometers per hour. Congratulations!

Special thanks to:
- Comune di Bodio Lomnago, to the Major ing. Liborio Rinaldi and local police chief, com. Marco Franzetti;
- 118 Varese, Dr. Dario Franchi;
- 118 Milano, Cristiano Cozzi and Dr. Giancarlo Fontana;

- Mr. Filippo Fidanza, for pictures and support on site.

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