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Germany 2008

Alfeo during a test by Bundeswehr on Mosel river.

Alfeo durante un test con l'Esercito tedesco, sul fiume Mosella

Video Lago di Varese

Lake Rescue

During bike wordl championship, Alfeo has carried a complete rescue team, covering the lake area. Thanks to 118 Varese for the precious help.

Video upload...

Swift Water

On very wild water, Alfeo move itself in a very safe way. Power and cushion allows a perfect control of the river, when other boats has stopped.

Road Trailer

Fly on-Fly-off road Trailer: Forget all difficult actions to put boat into the water. Alfeo fly down itself from the trailer and start in a few seconds...

On the Mud

During a patrol activity. Alfeo fly on mud into a small water channel. Confined paths? The aerobrakes will move You exactly where You want!

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